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Where is the epic tower strike?


The epic tower strike is supposed to end in about 1 day just as the rare, the new common and the scent.

But if you restart your game after the new batch (10am EST) they are nowhere to be found. I completed mine because I didn’t restarted the game but some who restarted it where unable to find one. And once I restarted it, all the epic towers were replaced by the common one, the immune.

We are all extremely unlucky if we can’t see one and if anyone can still see it after restarting their game. Does anyone have a screen with such tower still around ?

Ludia, well done. Can you fix this asap ?


Mine disappeared after I reset. Didn’t get to complete the tower. Thought I still had time to complete. What happened ludia?


Yeah this happened to be as well. I was fighting the 3rd battle in the epic strike, got errored out and had to restart the game. The epic strike tower became a green supply drop with an Alankylosaurus spawn. Ludia can you please fix this or give us an extra day? :frowning:


It disappeared when the alankylo event started, when it was still indicating we had 24 hours to complete it…

Give us that epic tower back please👏


Is that what happened? I could have sworn I saw an Epic tower before I went to the store, when I got back there were none around. I chalked it up to a senior moment.


I planned to complete it today…had 3 near my place…now all 3 are blue towers :smirk::unamused:
Hope they give it back…but im starting to lose my hopes in ludia :sweat_smile:


I came on here to see if anyone else saw this. Glad I’m not the only one.

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They have probably been moved to other parts of the town or area…after each new day, the towers and event drops swap or move places from where they were the day before. This pic was from a second ago, they are still out there (I completed mine yesterday though)

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More likely there are bugged account just like treasure chests…

In fact they CAN move but it’s not the case everytime.

I have reports where some see them as usual and some who just don’t see them at all.


I just reset my game to check, now I can’t even log in :expressionless:
Got that 16/24 on the loading screen… first time ever.
Hoping it isn’t a prolonged thing.


Went for a drive and found a few epic towers still, although those I battled in yesterday were gone

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She’s still here, one tower in a million :roll_eyes: