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Where is the event calendar?

I’ve only ever seen one of these pop up for August and only as an image on Twitter.

I’m fairly new to the game, so don’t know for sure. I get alerts when they occur, but haven’t found a list of upcoming events.

They haven’t been posting them, kinda nice to have so I know when my free 25 are coming around

I think they might have stopped posting these hoping the EU fanbase would not notice the 2 hr challenge and not complain about it, until they fix that…

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You didn’t miss much. The lag was so horrendous it was basically unplayable.

I’m not getting lag. Did the 25 runs in an hour and a half. The animations took a while though. It’d be nice to be able to skip over boss death animations like crits.

Shared the feedback with our team. Thanks, everyone! :smiley: