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Where is the Heart?

After the last level up with Austin, the heart next to his name has disappeared! Can someone tell me why? Does that have a reason? It drives me crazy,
I really need to know :weary:

I didn’t notice that but you’re right :cry: I was confused when it levelled up and said it was a new relationship status, and it was acknowledged in the chat, but they didn’t say what it meant…I dunno. With how the whole thing ended, I don’t know what to think with his storyline anymore.

Mine still has the heart next to his name and I got the relationship level up that was acknowledged .

That’s why I’m so worried about it :see_no_evil: Does that mean that Austin’s story is over? Is it just a glitch? I was so happy about the new level up convo and suddenly the heart was gone. Ugh… It’s just annoying

Hey AGirlWithNoName1, could you please try force closing and relaunching your game and see if the icon reappears? Thanks!

I’ve had several times. But the heart remains gone :slightly_frowning_face:

The heart is gone for me with Damien also. Many of us in the Facebook group have this issue and it is one reason we are worrying his storyline is really over for good. Can you please give us an update regarding that?

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Hey everyone, sorry about the delay. It looks like it is planned for an update soon! We don’t have an ETA at the moment, but we’ll try to keep everyone informed once we do have more info. :smiley: