Where is the new deer this week?

I’ve seen the other 3 but no deer.

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It’s in incubators, doesn’t spawn in event drops.

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Isn’t the showcase incubator just all of the event creatures? Why would they add one to the inc but not event and vice versa? Wouldn’t it just be simpler to sell an inc of the deer instead of causing confusion for the weekly event?

In incubators. Check out the weekly calendar in the news center

Yeah I know but read the top of the pic I posted. According to the wording there we should be able to dart it under event drops.

In-game info is always a mess. Just look at the campaign. The deer was only available this Monday and won’t be able to dart after.

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I got it from the Swap In strike tower yesterday. And there was a strike for it on Monday

Yeah I know it’s in the towers but from the picture I thought it would be in the weekly event. That’s what the picture says.

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It’s just called the week showcase. The new deer was showcased this week in a strike.

I guess I’m the only one who reads this as misleading.


I got the deer because it had its own strike tower

I will bet it is for sale. Just saying…

It strangely was winnable in the weekends epic incubator