Where is the new seasonal creature?

Has it been announced yet? Which creature will be?


It is Stygimoloch

Not the daily creature, the seasonal creature


it hasnt been anounced, but speculated that it will be skoonasaurus

That’s the championship creature, not the seasonal

what do you mean by seasonal

Every month there are three featured dinos.

One is the one you get DNA for every day for completing your daily tasks. This is the “daily creature”. This month it was Scutosaurus, and next month it’ll be Stygimoloch.

One is the dino featured as a tournament reward, always a Unique lately. This month it was Spinoconstrictor, and rumor has it that next month it’ll be Skoonasaurus.

The last one is the reward you get at the end of the arena season, with the amount of DNA corresponding to the number of trophies you have. This month it was Nasutoceratops, and we don’t know what it’ll be next month. This is the dino OP was asking about.

Oh. I understand. Id assume it would be an epic of some sort

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Datamine said either arctops or dsung.


I’d be happy with either of those. Also Quetzelquatlus, but I can’t remember if it was the seasonal creature recently or not.

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Rares again? Oh no, I wanted an epic :cry: at least they are both exclusives I think

Any news yet???

No news yet. Maybe when this week starts the new creature will show

That’s how it tends to work…

Hmmm… Weird. They announce daily but not seasonal? :cry:

You’ll find out in 20 minutes anyway.

But you’re lucky they even announced the daily. I’m glad they did though as it helped me decide to complete the daily before change over.