Where is the nodo


Anyone know when and where the nodo spawns? Only thing I need to get stegdous. I want my 2nd legendary.


Almost anytime, any everywhere.
Because Nodo & Utah are the most common “rare class” dinos. They globally spawn anytime.


Higher occurence around body repair shops and similar as well


I usually see 1-3 a day in all manner of places. :smiley:


They’re everywhere around here.


What the !? Your stegodeus lvl must be amazing haha


Its Level 28 right now


Jeez. You guys seem to be hitting the jackpot with Nodos, @Killa. One pops up every week or so, usually right outside my radar fence. I’ve been having to wish really hard every time I open an incub that there will be Nodo DNA there. I have tons of Apato, but not enough Nodo to complete my Nodopatosaur.

Come on, Ludia! Jack up the spawn rates for Nodo!


Havnt got up to get one out of range since update. Theyre everywhere usually…along with my 35k apato and 40k stego dna :joy:


Usually they spawn a couple times during day, but even more at night


Ok ty for the info guys. Wish they were here I want stegodus need 10 more dna but can’t find nodo anywhere in my turn now


Check here:

Plus I noticed that, when a specific rare / epic dno spawn, once collected, another one will spawn after a bit, nearby the previous spawn. So when you see a nodo just look around for the other free one! :wink: