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Where is the orano?

I’ve only seen long necks spawn. Has anyone else had this?

They’re out there, probably just bad luck if that’s the only one you’re darting. Keep searching and you’ll find them.

When i went out this morning all i found were brachi… second trip out i managed to find 3.

There are none in the spawns within walking distance of my home, but I was out running errands earlier and saw patches of 2 and even 3 ourano spawns in some places. Couldn’t stop at all of them so I’ll need to get the other half of my attempts done tomorrow. I’d be more motivated if I had any Dilo to fuse it with.

I’ve seen one Ouranosaurus today and one Diplodocus. Everything else has been Brachiosaurus. Really annoying as I want the Ourano more than the others.

The first two spawns I saw from my house this morning were Ouranos. I saw even numbers of all three all day today.

I have been seeing the long necks only for over 12 hours, I couldn’t find any Ouran.

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I live in an l1 so i usually have more dilo then ourano but i ran out today too…

Ouran is now moved to L4.

I darted one Ouran.
I saw the Diplodocus under an event drop has disappeared for about 10-20 mins. I guess that another event dino would appear, maybe Brachi or Ourano. After a while, Diplodocus appeared under the same event drop. How can this happen? Is it made intentionally to avoid people having Ouran DNA? Why don’t they make a dropdown list at each event drop to allow people to choose which event dino to dart?

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No, it’s going to be okay :heart:

At first I was getting a bit worried because all I was finding were the Sauropods, but then later I found more and more of Ouranosaurus. One of the parks I usually go to was not accessible today because of a carnival. Lucky that wasn’t a problem in the end. :blush:

I saw only 1 Ourano so far.
Edit: Till now, I could find only 1 Ourano, including the one I have seen before.

Found another event stop Orano this morning but everything else was sauropods.

I agree with @Dennis_Lo that really we should have a drop down to choose the ones we want we get to an event drop.

I would love this feature as well… but i gotta think they intentionally make the most valuable dino the rarest and that they want it that way.

Agreed, but considering all three are Epic raity they should at least be the same chance for each to appear.

From my experience, these epics in the same event do not have the same chance of showing up.
The event has been started for more than 18 hours, I could only see 1 Ourano, I can’t change my belief.

Yeah but it never seems to really work out that way… atleast in my experience there always seems to be a different spawn ratio then that of an an even split. It certainly doesnt feel like this events 33% chance for each dino… more like 40/40/20


I have been watching the same event drop nerest to my home. What I have seen is Diplodocus. This dino has been standing there for 8 hours. Sometimes it disappeared, but it reappeared again after 15-20 mins. It never changes, not even changes to Brachi. Another drop further away from me is the same, but it is a Brachi all the time.

i have so far seen 3 of them roaming the neighborhood lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
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