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Where is the orano?


Can you send them here?


And here please.


I’ve seen them all. I used all attempts on diplodocus because as far as I know it’s only an event Dino.

Normally I would shoot ouranosaurus because I can never find it anywhere for the last year. But it’s finally in my zone so I didn’t shoot any. I finally created Diloracheirus the other morning.

The real question is: where was ouranosaurus a few weeks ago when it wasn’t in the hadrosaur event?


I seems that they like to hide away some useful dinos like Ourano, Erliko and Kentro. They seldom put them into an event. The most desirable Irritator had appeared once only in an event if I remember correctly.

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0/1 memory challenge


Erliko hasnt been the daily dino in what 3 days… when was the last time ourano was featured 3 days…

Apparently 3 days is now considered hidden away.