Where is the Rajasaurus DNA?

I’m trying to farm DNA from arena, and the tiers say that Arena 4 (Nublar Jungle) is the only area where I can find it. But I’m not even sure if I have got any Raja DNA in two runs of Arena 4. Is this common?

Aside from that, it looks like spawning location 4 is where I need to spend some time.

Any other ideas that can help?


Yeah, arena incubators are a scam (as mostly everything else in this game). I’m mostly getting alanqa. Never got sinoceratops DNA, or Erlinko or many others that are theoretically featured in arena incubator.

Zone 4 spawns raja, specially in the night. So you may have a chance of bumping into one or two if you spend every single evening in the week in local 4 areas. One or two in the whole week, I mean. Not everyday one sees a Raja.

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Yeah, raja is quite rare. I live in local 4 and seldom see them. I see a lot of koolasuchus…but there is no use for him.

I live in a L4 zone and havent seen a raja or anky after the update only saw koolasuchus wich mostly spawns at night
He really deserves a hibrid
Koolasuchus+ophiacodon could work
Defense shatering strike
Distracting impact
Slowdown impact
Defense shatering rampage
Immunity as passive

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Make it a snake

Too bad you cant trade epic. I have 3500 Raja and never plan on using it

I got 30 erliko out of a 3 hour incubator, and 36 sino out of an 8 hour in my last two incubators.

They are vastly improved since the update.