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Where is the scolosuchus?

Topic says it all…

I thought I wasn’t seeing any at first, but they look so much like anky on the map you actually have to tap them to be sure. They’re out there!

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do you mean where are the Scolosuchus meaning why aren’t cheaters running Scolosuchus by now? Or do you mean where is Scolosaurus because you can’t find them today as the special event?

I’ve managed to get Scolo to 3rd but most green drops around here are Ankylosaurus G2! ?:frowning:

I’ve got mine up to level 7 at this point, so they are definitely out there and probably the easiest dino to dart.

Yeah i was just curious why I wasnt seeing any. Hopefully I’ll find some!!

Just been for an hours walk in the cold night air and thankfully there was now more Scolo than Anky G2, so I have my Scolo up to 5th now.

As soon as i left work i found tons!! They do look like the anky though for sure