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Where is the topic?

Where is the topic with that player with a lvl 25 smilonemys, I was curious how did he get it! :joy:


Someone removed it. I don’t see it in my replied to list. I highly doubt a lv25 was gotten legitimately. I can see lv 21-23 with amazing luck on fusing, but 25 seems too much, especially this early into the update. Tho, we will never know now unless the OP decides to comment on it.

I’m not even sure have smiley is possible at this point let alone leveled up

Depending on the level of sanctuary and how lucky you are with park spawns, it’s possible to have. Just not at that level, unless they were hitting 80s and above per fuse.

I faced a bot Smilemys today and it did NOT go well. :dizzy_face:

Keep in mind this is my team, and Lydia hired a troll to program the bot battles for the update. The team was 22 Monomimus, 23 Smilemys, 23 Tryko, 24 Thor.