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Where is the

… 'Forfeit" button already?

How has this game’s PvP been around this long without introducing the ability to voluntarily throw in the towel yet?


Because it has the potential to be abused most likely. Same with so many other ideas that we have all had.

How would it work as well? Forfeiters would complain if they lost trophies by quitting a match and what about the opponent? They shouldn’t get trophies for the win because it wasn’t really a win.


Just imagine how bad dropping gets if you can instaquit a match? I mean this with no intended disrespect but there are a lot of ideas on this forum that people believe are good ideas that are objective bad ideas and this is 1.


How and why would a forfeiter complain they lost trophies from a match they voluntarily conceded? I can’t fathom a situation where any sane person would take this route with any sincerity.

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Disagreed. The people so inclined to drop are already dropping; it would make it easier for them, perhaps, but it would definitely alleviate the frustration of wasted time for the rest of us.

If droppers is your concern, and droppers are already a stated problem in the system without the use of a forfeit button, then droppers is the issue that should (and should have already been) addressed; the forfeit button is not and would not be a legitimate scapegoat for that.

I appreciate that you mean no disrespect, and while I agree that there are some truly unworkable ideas, I also believe a lot of the good ideas get put down and disregarded because the readers are viewing them as if in a vacuum. If we waited until each idea anyone had was a flawless cure-all for any aspect of the game, nothing would ever change. Right now the ailment I’m trying to address is the lost time for both combatants because in frustration some players simply close the app in an unwinnable scenario. The one closing the app is frustrated and must wait until the match naturally ends to continue, and the opponent who usually through no fault of their own is the clear victor from the beginning needs to wait until the moves are all selected by countdown to progress themselves. The forfeit button simply speeds up the inevitable and saves time and therefore frustration.

If droppers, or another subject altogether, are emboldened by this fix to one issue then they need to be dealt with anyway as a separate issue.


I again will respectfully disagree. Dropping is time consuming and that prevents aot of people trying. I don’t fit into this part of it because I’m where the droppers come from, not where they go but it would make the problem worse, I can tell you the only thing that has kept me from dropping is the time it takes. It’s also an issue in my mind that you would see your opponents creature and just quit, how will you improve if you never stretch yourself beyond what you think is possible? Always try and yeah you’ll lose some but you’ll win some too and you won’t have the opportunity if you assume a loss and give up.

Droppers are really not a big problem dropping is just wasting time for very tiny reward and you also lose tons of rewards for having a high trophy count I think the time saved here and convenience more than makes up for the very small amount of droppers maybe instead of shooting ideas down the forum could help make them acceptable by suggesting ideas like only 3 forfeits per day or something of that nature or Ludia could quit being lazy and do something to address droppers like you can’t fall 2000 trophies under your high score

What is your trophy count? Do you actually read the posts on these forums? About half of them discuss how big an issue droppers are I also feel like you’re forgetting that once you reach a trophy count you can drop as far as you like without penalty. So I can dip my toe over 6k, drop as far as I like and obliterate people and still get my 6k rewards only to be back up to 4999 at the reset and do it again. It’s a game and quitting because you think you may lose isn’t just bad for the game its a terrible attitude to take into the game

Sure in theory you can but I haven’t fought a dropper in a very very very long time I’m hovering around 4800 trophies rn and in the pvp is a joke thread I haven’t seen a photo of a dropper yet

You obviously don’t speak for your fellow forum dwellers as they speak frequently of the dropper issue… I’ll tell you what, next reset I’ll come down to the 4500-4900 range with my max boosted level 30s and look for you and since I can simply press a button to lose it will only take a few minutes

Forfeit button is a bad idea. Just like emojis


And when you do I’ll be able to make use of that nifty forfeit button feature lol I really don’t think droppers are a huge problem even 1000- 2000-3000 trophy range I know someone around there and they have only encountered one dropper and when I was in those arenas did not face droppers and I still don’t and I pvp battle daily I think this whole dropper issue is over exaggerated

Ok, free win and incubator… thanks

Then wouldn’t that count you as a dropper?

Hes right. People would complain because “it’s an unfair match up so I forfeited because I didn’t wanna deal with it but I shouldn’t lose trophies cause Ludia”

And I can tell you now, this is from past experience in other games with similar communities


Of course they would. Complaints would come up about unfair matchmaking as the reason to forfeit a match and not long after would come complaints about the unfairness of losing trophies. I’d like to think it wouldn’t happen but it would.


I don’t know if I worded my response incorrectly or if you just didn’t read it, but you’re illustrating exactly what I wrote: droppers would be the issue needing to be discussed and this suggestion, like others, isn’t being made in a vacuum or is meant as a flawless one.

Your entire reply is about how droppers are a problem, which I felt I said several times is not the one my response is addressing AND is a problem in and of itself whether this suggestion took effect or not.

Please see my response to @Creative_Screen_name . You, too, are taking this suggestion as if it was made in a vacuum and conflating it with another problem that exists with or without it that needs to be addressed. “Unfair matchmaking” has had its own posts long before the suggestion of a forfeit button, and honestly I seriously doubt that adding a forfeit button would suddenly overtake the conversation as a primary or even as a necessary argument when the unfair matchmaking you’re talking about persists regardless AND wastes players’ time anyway.

Guys, we can make multiple suggestions at a time to improve the game. No one suggestion is going to universally improve the game any more than one single feature ruins the experience; if a suggestion (this one or another) is expected to fail because another problem that exists (and one we’ve been suggesting changes for already), then we can have that conversation be inclusive of other fixes.

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You worded your response just fine but your idea still doesn’t work and you can’t put forth an idea based if other things happen because they haven’t. A forfeit button isn’t a good idea, no matter how much a few people love the concept. You’re supposed to learn from loses and try to improve your team of skill, not quit because it’s hard.

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I’m down for this system. Every turn based (and almost all real time) competitive strategy games have a concede button, because you can often spot a loss before it happens and want to wrap up the match. There’s no honor in “trying” to win when your win condition is 0%, it’s just boring. However you’d probably need to ship this system with some sort of arena restrictions (you can view threads I’ve posted on the subject) such that the impact of a dropper is minimized or nullified. The problem you mention needs solving but it’s unable to be addressed until droppers are addressed…ideally both are dealt with at once but there’s already hot debate about how arena restrictions could he implemented.