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There’s nothing to learn from a match that heavily leans to one side, and the game is not so complicated that after seeing your lineup and the first even one or two opponents’ creatures knowing you don’t have a single foil for them and will be chewed up that you would learn anything by sitting there for the next 2 minutes getting destroyed.

The only thing to do is try to speed up your own demise, or to quit the match - which isn’t fair to the opponent, since they weren’t in charge of their random selection any more than you were for yours.

This isn’t quitting because it’s hard (although I’m not sure why that’s such a big deal either), it’s because you’ve already extrapolated that the win is impossible and it’s best too move on.

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Yes, you and I have both suggested changes to arena matchmaking and dropper issues before :slight_smile:

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Someone’s gotta do it :wink:. This game has tons of lost potential that can be dealt with using the successes of other games in the genre…Ludia just needs a nudge. Pokemon Showdown’s tier restricted formats (OU, UU, etc) that adapt to community feedback and stats and games like hearthstone, etc have concede options if you know you’ve lost are two great examples of things that could improve the gameplay experience.

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When you step out on the basketball court and you see your opponent is 6 inches taller than you do you pick up your things and leave? There is always something to be learned from a win or a loss


Unless you can calculate that analogy as well as the mathematical reality of a JWA battle I think you’re missing the point. A losing match can teach you, but a stomp or a match played past the point you lost teaches you little to nothing. In many games, JWA included, the point where you lose is often not the end of the match, especially in PvP where you see the whale and your last creatures lose 100% of the time.

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That’s hardly an apt comparison.

And yes, I would, if that 6-inch-taller person was a professional basketball player, we were playing not for fun but for a trophy, and because I don’t even have two working knees. :wink:

Unfortunately, no, there is not always something to be learned from a win or loss. Sometimes the only thing I’ve learned is that stat-boosting the Alloraptor was a good idea and I learn it over and over again, and sometimes the only thing I’ve learned is “Yup, a max-boosed Thor* really will crush your team because the randomizer didn’t give you a single cunning on your roster to deal with it.” Better to just quit and spend your time elsewhere.

*Just an example, this is not a Thor-bashing comment.


I’m looking forward for this: (Keep in mind it’s a rock, paper, scissor game, and having a bad start mean you often loose the game)

First opponent dino too big: Forfeit
First opponent dino still too big: Forfeit
First opponent dino still too big: Forfeit
I can crush my opponent dino with my big dinos because I’m now much lower rank: My opponent forfeit

Makes me wonder if we will ever see the second dino in any opponent team…

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I don’t know if you’ve played games like this one with a forfeit option, but it really never looks like that. People are often unwilling to throw their rank and wins away unless they believe it’s a lost game :man_shrugging:. If they think it’s lost when it actually isn’t they’ll lose more and it’ll show.

So which similar games did you play that had a forfeit button? (I’m serious, don’t have much experience with other mobile games)

In real life this holds true but in JWA the only thing you learn from fighting opponents with the same dinos you have but several levels higher and heck of a lot more boosts is that we need a forfeit button with basketball they can tech you tricks and you can train your muscles and improve during a game in JWA that loss will not improve anything in a chess game you can learn a new strategy but in JWA there’s no opportunity to learn when they have a level 30 max boosted monster who kills all your dinos instantly

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You have trophies and your opponent has trophies… you’re both “professionals” it’s more like the lions stepping on the field seeing Tom Brady and forfeiting. I love when people post an idea and the majority of responses are people saying bad idea won’t work no thanks and yet they defend their perspective beyond reason. The last big argument on here for me was "matchmaking should be based on team strength " and no matter how much I said it was a bad idea people argued with me… 3 months later “team strength matchmaking has ruined the arena”. You have an idea, he has an idea they have an idea that doesn’t make any of them right or good for the game, people tend to think their narrow perspective is what’s best for the overall game and everyone and its not

This is not to be compared to a real life scenario as it’s purely mathematical wether you will win or lose and when the dinos are that much higher fully boosted than the odds are simply impossible no matter what you do. In a football game it’s entirely possible it could go either way and there is something to be learned and it’s a good experience. In JWA you are comparing your numbers vs the other numbers and watching your much much lower numbers die one at a time because it’s simply impossible for you to win

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Pokemon showdown and hearthstone come to mind the fastest but I’m sure there are others.

I still don’t get it though. My rank barely move up or DOWN (maybe =/-200pts, but on average only move up slowly as I’m improving my team which take forever), . Am I the only one? It does look like most players are only playing unwinnable matches??? Are they always going down in rank and dropping 2 or 3 arena until they finally start winning matches?


When did Hearthstone added a forfeit button??? Played this game like crazy, from Beta, until about last year (when I started concentrating my playing time on JWA).

It may be classed as “quit match” but it does the same function from my understanding (I played it briefly so I’m no master). But it’s very common in the strategy sphere to quit early when you see no win condition, even chess has such a feature with toppling your king.

Yes, but again competitive players will not do that, unless they know they can’t win anymore after playing the whole game, because it would lower their ELO score (unless they really don’t care, but then they are not really competitive…)

But for JWA, it would look like:
First move: Pawn, E2-E4
Opponent forfeit
End game

I think such players would expose existing issues that have always caused problems in the arena and perhaps get them fixed rather than create a new era of “every game is 1 turn”. Harsher punishments for dropping arenas/bigger rewards for staying in an arena could be a start, as could arena restrictions that prevent droppers from securing free wins if they throw or concede spam to really low trophy counts. Point being these problems will exist regardless of the concede button, but the concede feature will make many players feel better instead of waiting or quitting the app altogether because a match is lost and they don’t want to sit through the (sometimes) emoji spaming whale beating down their team.

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This is the point where we both agree. Dropper should not exist and Ludia should do something about it. As far as spamming emotes, at least Ludia got it right and gave us a way to turn that off (which I did on day one). And when I fight an overpowered team, at least the matches are quick for me. Worst case, if I’m 100% sure I’ll loose and that doesn’t happen often, I’ll simply make sure my opponent can finish me quickly by not using things like distraction myself and making him having to use another turn for the kill.


Can you imagine the complaints from the droppers about the speed ties? Dear Ludia customer service, I was trying to drop down to the library to get some easy snacking in, but I faced three other fellow droppers and they hit forfeit first. I gained 90 points. How dare you allow others to force me to gain 90 trophies because they got a faster connection. Please fix