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I wonder if making a forfeit give you 0 takedowns would be a sufficient punishment for preventing many people from forfeiting after 2 KOs just to farm?

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Should also add that many players like myself who value strategic skill have probably been driven away from the game over time since boosts and whale teams have dominated PvP and half the tournament space. The game breaks down from a strategic standpoint when someone can just buy stats that allow a creature to beat its would-be counters or muscle through hits it normally shouldn’t. You can see in skill tournaments how tight hp and atk values are, but it’s a total mess in “real” PvP arena fights. There’s a potential argument here that states that those strategy minded people who play for strategic entertainment may have mostly quit in favor of those who prefer having the upper hand or certain victory because wins > challenge.

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It has an exhibition mode, however you can’t get any rewards or rank from it, so it’s just for jollies. jWA is mostly ranked tho, so it would have a lot more of an impact here

That would be the primary reason I, myself, would forfeit.

Without the 6+ level difference and/or the exorbitant amount of boosts, I have no reason to think any particular creature is OP to the point of me quitting upon seeing it; however, the posts in this forum alone would indicate that this wouldn’t be the case for a lot of other participants.

I think for it to be fixed as a problem there would have to be a lot of restrictions put in place to force adherence to fair play, which in this game already isn’t entirely “fair.”

So while I, and yourself perhaps, might use a forfeit button sparingly and for its intended purpose, I can see @Evicton 's point with the crowd of haters using it as a sort of tool for excommunication, as it were, rather than a means to end one fight to go look for another sooner. And considering the stubbornness of some haters, I don’t know that giving them 0 takedowns for conceding would be a strong enough deterrent, although I think you’re on the right track for more honest gameplay/players.

As much as it frustrates me to sit around and wait, without addressing the ability to use it as a form of protest (even if the opponent gets the win), and until Ludia is more interested in firmly policing organized match-throwing at the top, I don’t know that enough of an argument has been made for its implementation.

Yep, and I think perhaps I’ll need to wait to see if the dev team is at all capable of addressing those deeper problems before I have any hope that ideas like these might be heard.

I think it’s great you bring it up here, but I agree with your assessment. The game simply isn’t ready to see concede style strategic focused gameplay yet. It could and should be in the future, but for now it’s survival of the established. The longest serving (and paying) players will crush almost everyone else due to level and boost counts, and strategy will always play second fiddle. My hope is to see that change, but it would be a 3.0 level design move in terms of a total overhaul in how the game plays