Where is this dino spawning?


The Dilophosaurus has all but gone into hibernation cuddled up with Sasquatch here in the Pacific Northwest! I have not seen him in the wild or incubators for at least a 3 weeks. :thinking::disappointed_relieved::tired_face:


@Vasilli08 Come hunt around my neighborhood, I found four wild dilophosaurus just chilling around my house yesterday. A few spawn every other day within range. Even ignore some when it gets too hot to go outside :joy: Now I just need to motivate myself to hunt in L2 for ouranos.


It’s a zone 1, I think? Look around for euplocephalus and lythronax, it spawns around that area.


This screen shot makes me cry a little :sob: I actually have more ourano than dilo :sob::sob::sob:


Same issue here, all the Ourano not being able to find their mates :sob:


I’d be happy to trade you some dilo for ourano, I have a good ol 5 dna pts. I’d probably sell half my soul for diloracheirus :joy:


Yooo are you #3297?


Yes, it is I #3297 hey! We recently had a fun match earlier :smile:


I’m in L1 and they are literally everywhere! I’d love to trade tho… I’m tired of seeing the little bugger :slight_smile:


I live and work in the wonderful L3. I never ever see a dilo or ourano and have none of her hybrids. I hate (not really) you all!


I work and live at the wonderful L3 myself but am one block away from L2. One would think that means a chance for Kentrosaurus, Monolophosaurus, Erlikosaurus or Rajasaurus but nope, just consistently Koolasuchus with a side dose of Gryposuchus and Secondolosaurus :scream:


I’ve been freezing at night. Stupid Dino’s don’t know when to hibernate. When it’s below zero this winter they can freeze to death because I’m not. :snowflake:


No sense of self-preservation, those dinos. No wonder they went extinct the first time around


I also live in L1 and see at least 7-10 of them a day.


Where is zone 1? How do you know which zone you are in? :thinking:


@Vasilli08 Just see what common dinos you find near you and you know what zone you are.


I think I understand I need to find not just an L1 area but one with high activity like shops and lots of traffic and people. So it spawns during me being there not when I’m not. Wasted 8 hours in quiet L1 the only ones near me. Too much RNG if they can’t be bothered to fully migrate anymore.


I live in a zone one and dilo have got to be the most common of the rares for me… ive darted 2 in a 5 minute period multiple times


Yep! That’s my problem. I don’t live in a rural area but definitely not big city. I have all 4 zones within a 15 minute drive yet…no dinos. Ugh :joy:


Basically in a smaller town there is one busy bit. It’s just one zone with the good spawning. Almost everyone has a zone type without good spawning.

As someone else said all zone’s are not created equally.