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Where is this rinchenia?

All other of my continent exclusive creatures are unlocked exept this Rinchenia, which is the creature that belong to my continent Asia…
I used so many scents to attract it but can’t find a single, what should I do?

I also live in Asia and I’ve seen Rinchenia before. You’re probably just unlucky.

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Just keep trying. I’ve seen a couple.

We have a couple players from that side of the globe in my Alliance and I don’t think they have seen one either. We’ve managed to complete the others and just waiting on this one.

Rinchenia (aka Hipster chicken) is certainly out there I’m in Australia and have seen a few now


I’m about to unlock it because one of my alliance has it, I already have the other 2 continental ones, I only need that one, and the new global hadrosaur that I need 10 DNA to obtain.