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Where is trex? Has spino gen 2 blocked her?


I find maybe 1 rex, at the most 2, per week but i see spino gen2 everyday!

Trex is needed for 3 hybrids. Rex should be a common epic spawn not spinog2


We had trex with 5 other rare dinos that are local spawns not global so you have to prioritise and 100 trex a day aint enough when you need 20k of her (funny how top 50 have made enough for all 3 hybrids to level 30 tho). I have 10k spinog2 thanks dont need her at all. The logistics of the game should be logical not inbalanced


Wow yup you are correct this game is sooooo not fair. I have quite a few k t Rex because I saved for one hybrid. But it’s not fair at all that you have so much spino.

PS only half sarcastic here. I’d love to have gotten enough spino to put on my team again


Yeah thats my point. You have to focus on 1 hybrid particularly and you see other epics far more often than rex.

I did use to see him more often but they have definitely nerfed his spawn rate.


What you say about I am sitting at max 20K DNA for Spino G2 and Baryonyx and still see them most of the time + even epic incubator give me them mostly too.

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They see me everywhere.
T rex is about 1000+ DNA for me.


Ha are you related to tarbo? Im sittin on 700 rex and have been for over a week. We a need a trex month where he replaces spino and bary

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