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Where is Tuojuangosaurus


I want to find tuojuangosaurus


She is local 3 anytime spawn. So if you find somewhere dino’s like diplocaulus, erlikosaurus (both), gorgosaurus and monolophosaurus you are in right local.


Thanks bro… I didnt know

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You’re welcome. Here you can find other spawns though looks like some changes happened yesterday like allosaurus and iguanodon swapped places and ophiacodon is now day time spawn.


L3… come on over. i just made diorajasaurus and still have like 15,000 left over. probably enough to finish touromoloch once i get enough stiggy.


@Heather purple stegosaurus :joy:


Speak of the purple devil :smiling_imp:

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This is wonderful site


Nice u are lucky


Just gobbled up a couple myself just now