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Where No One Goes- Recruiting Active Members

Where No One Goes is currently looking for active members to down 4* and 5* alphas. We make progress and then some members stop hitting regularly, keeping us to only 4* and 5* at the moment.

We’re looking for people with 4000+ teams that are willing/able to participate daily. If we can get the full clan to hit daily, we feel we’ll definitely advance past 4 and 5 stars, however it seems that weekly about 5-8 people are holding us back. So we’re hoping posting on the forums will recruit serious players who want to progress with a good group of people.

If interested the clan is called Where No One Goes and is a Global clan.


Good luck

recruitment is tough. I usually clean up when someone misses 2 alpha’s in a row. Rest blessed with some good souls who are ready to struggle along.


Thanks! We have some good people who participate daily that stick with us, but so far some of the people we pick up randomly are very casual and stick around despite my announcements that they will be kicked if they don’t participate. Though we’ve also randomly picked up some good people! I had been tracking weekly, but I think I like your idea about kicking if they miss 2 days in a row. Thanks for the info and the good luck wishes!

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