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Where oh where are the Eucladoceroses?

Or is it Eucladocerosi? :thinking:

Either way, multiple giga scents, different times of day and I’ve yet to see a single one! I know it’s probably just me being unlucky but has anyone seen one?

First I have to set things up: I have a nice long road with no houses on my drive to work.
I check on my drive to work, on my drive home, after dinner I take a drive to check for dinos and when I get home I use a Giga scent for the entire 3 hours.

I found 2 on Monday. Zero on Tuesday, Zero on Wednesday.

For Nasuto, the previous week, they ran to my Giga Scents. I even had two spawn at the same time more than once.

Epics have always been a horrible problem during hybrid pursuits. Just to make up a number, if they normally have a 1/25th of a Percent spawn rate and Ludia doubles it to one-half of a percent spawn rate… Well there’s going to be many unhappy players.

If you told me we were re-doing Carbo week I would believe you. I’ve seen more wild Carbo spawns this week than I have Euclad.

Yeah, on top of it all, the thing is supposedly a global spawn… You’d think by now I’d have at least stumbled upon one!

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I’ve gotten at least 3 a day, I guess you just got bad luck

I stumble on this epic deer occasionally. I did run into a few over the last week but I have ridden my bike a good 70 miles. There are 7 global epics that you can run into during the day plus 3 or 4 local epics. In 8 to 10 miles of riding, I run into 2 or 3 epics. That gives me a 20-30% chance of running into any one.

I have all 4 deer at team level 20.

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Damn man! How much?? :rofl:

And I didn’t grind last month, so…patience and a movie marathon would help

If you got them at dusk, chances are they spawned naturally

Just found one today.

Looks lonely out there by itself.

It does


They’re all in my neighborhood. Please come get them out.

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They’re hanging around my house, too. Feel free to take them.

What time is the party??

Found 2 with giga scent and 1 just spawned in next to me