Where Phorurex? A look at the Top 100 Teams

With so many changes in the last couple of updates, here’s the latest look at the Top 100.

Firstly, the Winners.

Three creatures make their debut in the top 8 with Arctovasilas , Ankylos Lux and Refrenantem all featuring in over 70% of teams. No one should be surprised given how insanely powerful they are compared to the rest.

If Ref’s recent buff predictably made it top tier, few thought Mortem’s would return it to relevancy. But, 9 months after it was on almost every team before disappearing completely at the turn of the year, Mortem is back!

Top 100 March 22

Now, the Losers. The obvious place to start is with Phorurex . The bane of the arena for so many since its release, it has fallen harder than any creature in recent times. Going from being in 100% of teams in January, to just 14% within two months. Was the nerf too much on its own or is it the combination of new counters like Ankylos Lux that have simply accelerated its downfall?

Elsewhere, Monolorhino is finally dropping out after over a year at the top as new creatures become ever more powerful and is replaced as the swapper-of-choice by Parasauthops . Skoona , another staple from 2 months ago is disappearing as much of the meta now beats it. Testa , once immortal, is now on just 9% of teams - partly because there are more counters and partly because Ankylos Lux does the job so much better.

Finally, a word on the rising stars of Hydra Boa and Albertospinos . Whilst neither have found their way into the overall top 8 dinos, they are both making gains and are worth looking out for in the next few months.

Below is the full set of Top 100 teams since I started doing these in Jan 2021. I’ve included any creature with at least 20% representation, charting all the rises and falls.

So, in just 8 weeks, we’ve seen half of the top 10 replaced as the meta shifts seemingly faster each patch. Will boost tokens be enough for people to feel they have a realistic chance of keeping pace or will the top of the leaderboard become even more of a closed shop to all but the highest of spenders?


This, this is good, lol

Thanks again for this interesting analysis of the current meta.

8 creatures with a usage of at least 70% is ridiculous and shows that this is the start of the most boring meta we ever had.
It is just a matter of time till most teams of the lower arenas will look similar to the top 100.
Especially regarding that some of these creatures are easy to get raid apex which most people above aviary anyway already have at level 29+… Or even worse: the easiest to max out unique (and almost handed out for free with the tournament and events) is also the most used dino.

I was already bored of the arena since the first apex dominated meta. But the trend now is clear and it will only get worse.
For me the only option left to stay motivated in PVP is to avoid facing the same boring teams over and over again which means I need to focus on fun teams and drop in the arena. Let’s hope more people get sick of the meta and decide to use their tokens to invest boosts into fun creatures which could make at least the arenas below Gyro a bit more diverse.


Phorurex is interesting, because I’ve found mine performing considerably better now that CSS has a cooldown. Before, if my Phorurex was slower, she was basically bird food for an opposing Phorurex. But now it’s all down to mind games, which is better than an outright loss. I feel like the nerf was too much for a lot of people, especially with how many I used to see spamming CSS until the priority rampage became available again.

Mortem doesn’t surprise me. Mine KO’d a nearly 9k hp Skoona in one go! He’s only 27. I wasn’t going to bring him on my team, but the high armor dinos that Ludia keep releasing haven’t left me with much of a choice. Shame he’s no longer on raids, as this will cause problems for newer members, even paying customers, perhaps.

Overall though, this same chart applies to Gyrosphere as well - it’s very rare for me to see anything outside that list. All I would say is that Arcto and Ankylux are less common and Ceramagnus still pops up in nearly every match there. I really wish we had more diversity in end game dinos than this.


Absolutely LOVE your conclusion! Bang on… The tokens was a great idea, but so badly implemented. And it seem like we are getting 8 new dinos next update. So, basically, get your wallet out, or get out…

P.S.: Thanks for your hard work!!!


Thanks for a great topic.


Top 100-500 don’t say ANYTHING about the arena. And to be honest – Who care?

The majority players are stuck with dinos from 5 updates ago. Most of us can’t affort 60.000 cash and 2 million coins to get 1 new shino dino-toy to have fun with.

The game is more stagnant then ever and ordinary people givning up the game.

Just go to a ordinary alliance and look for evidence.

I suggest you play 100 battles in lower arena and write down what dinos you meet out of those 100 battles :heart:

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The article is focussed on the absolute meta at the top. There are obviously different metas in different arenas but I’ll leave that to others to write an article on!

I agree that there is frustration among many in the lower arenas, particularly without a boost reset despite a year of big changes. But, it is completely possible to get into the top 500 as a free to play account. You just need to plan ahead and have a lot of patience. Boosts are so valuable and it takes a while of grinding to get enough to optimally boost a full arena team.
I finished in the top 200 in December and I had been playing for around 18 months, as free to play, but it does take a lot of saving up.


It does say a lot, those are the creatures you need to get to and stay in Shores. Meaning those are the creatures you need to focus on if you like PvP, which is 80% of JWA. You don’t need all of them, you don’t even need them at max level (my team - top 100 - is made of a mix of level 28-30). But you need at least enough of them - or the key ones that give your team some synergy to compete.

If you want to pass Mario Bro’s last stage, those are the creatures you need to build your team with, xD. If you don’t care, why are you still playing? Give it a thought…