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Where r u now for alliance mission?

Just out of curiosity, where are your team now with the alliance mission?

Current progress

5 and 4


Completed? what is the most difficult mission apart from defense getting into 5?
DNA? Battles? Daily incubators? Direct hit?

Its gotta be getting the amount of epic dna. 80,000 I think. We’re rank 4 reaching 5. I feel bad for smaller alliances. Even if they reach rank 4. They will never get to 5 when that one is there xd

Sometimes its required rare dna sometimes its required epic dna. Even know we get it, I think the epic dna is exessive at times.

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Getting a EPIC mission there is nothing players can control beside keep opening incubators or strike towers or be lucky to meet one.
You can also fuse, but most players would have already done that.
So far i feel RARE 450k is the most difficult to handle, lucky we didn’t get this past few missions.

Exploration is completed yea. And honestly none of them are hard in that category. We were done with just under 4 days to go. The only 2 missions that are hard to complete are the # of battles and total incubators in the last set of missions for defense.

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Would like to see actually what position those TOP alliance are right now.

We had the rare mission this week. But it doesn’t matter which one we get we seem to finish about the same time every week. Never under 3 days to go

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Easy for top alliances. Very very hard for the lower ones some don’t get to rank 4 lol. Some probably struggle to reach 3. My old alliance was doing 3 was awhile ago I had to bust myself up to do that. Not really in my alliance now. Got lucky to find a spot.

And it makes some sense. But its a format of the rich get richer the poor struggles. Some people work very hard on those things but are simply unfortunate that there’s no room in the tops. So I feel bad for those players.

We will hit 5 in explore by tomorrow morning for sure, possibly tonight. Our defense is surprisingly up despite the huge difference in overall activity this week which seems to be a lot less. Two quit the game entirely and have a couple new members.