Where’s all my friends? :(


I’ve forced closed it and all the usual advice but it’s had this all day. Anyone else the same?


I’m here!

Oh wait you mean in the game!!

Dad joke dad joke what you gonna do when it comes for you! :joy::joy:


Mine are showing like usual now.


I’ve got no friends in game yet, but i’m curious, what does having friends do? I do remember when i first started I had 2 friend invites but they expired as i ignored them because i knew nothing of the benefit of having them.


@gpx You can battle them but with no reward or loss and all your dinosaurs become level 26


You can just basically see their scores/teams and you can have friendly battles where all your dinos are level 26 to try out the skill set of different dinosaurs.


Since it’s officially your birthday in the US of A I’ll say it again. Happy Birthday :birthday: :smiley:


Heather are yours still the same


Yeah they’ve been like it all day I’ve closed it a few times


Thank ya thank ya thank ya


What OS do you use iOS or android




Ok guys, thanks for the info, much appreciated. :smiley:


You said you did a force close correct


The only thing I can think to try is clear your website and app history in safari settings


You are connected to a Facebook account aren’t you