Where’s Apatosaurus?

I can’t find apatosaurus anymore. He used to be a dawn, daytime, and dusk spawn, but now I only see him at dusk. That’s only like 2.5 hours of the whole day. Makes it incredibly difficult to get him, especially since he’s a key ingredient for 3 legendary hybrids (he makes nodopatosaurus and nodopatosaurus makes gigaspikasaur, stegodeus, and nodopatotitan). Unless I’m wrong and I just can find him??

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hes dusk and night now. you wont see him during the dsy anymore. maybe even dawn.

Interesting. I think they should swap stegosaurus and apatosaurus spawns since apatosaurus again is a key ingredient for 3 legendary hybrids where stegosaurus only has two legendaries. Make him more available

stego went to nights aswell as well as days. used to be day only. appato used to be only parks for awhile then they made him spawn at alot higher rates. i think both are just as important since stegoceratops needs stego aswell so that makes deus, ceratops and monostego

Apato spawn rate and time shouldn’t be changed.
Last 2 days, I could only find 2-3 Apatos during the 2.5hrs Dusk time.
With 10s per fuse, we’ll need gazillions of Apato DNAs for all those hybrids. And may take us years to create and level up.

I found 3 this morning. Hadn’t seen any the last 2 days.

When was this change made? Cause I’ve been seeing Apato’s quite often during the day as well.

when i said i was going to make it my new mission to level up my gigaspikasaur to level 26… so about 2 days ago…

exactly! where are all this dino?! dear ludia. this dino is herbivors and they eat grass like cow and during daytime. Dont change them to night as though they are raptors & predator!

…please dont say cos its halloween. its not even halloween yet😂

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Not trying to b funny but I believe they actually appear on rainy days. Twice on different days in my experience