Where’s Atrociraptor?

So uh yeah, I dunno where it Atrociraptor is. It feels very odd to not have them in the game since they’re all over Dominion’s marketing. I was thinking that they might release them in between updates for Dominion like how they did Rexy and the panda but the movie came out on Friday and there hasn’t even been a peep about it :confused:


There’s been I believe some datamines by GP if you want to look there, but it’s currently unknown whether Atrociraptor will make it in, as anything is subject to change.

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No Atrociraptor wasn’t found in any of the data mines either, so it seems like there’s no plans to release them

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Well then I guess it’s either coming in later or not coming at all.

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The odd thing is that they weren’t shown in the Dominion DLC for JWE 2 either so I don’t think it’s a coincidence that neither game has them/

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Well to be fair to JWE 2, they do have names in the movie with what I’ve heard from friends.

Yeah they do but they’d just be put as skins just like raptors. Even if the reason was that they look too similar to the Velociraptors, they were designed by the people in the movie, not by Ludia or Frontier

Where is jp3 raptors?

Those are 1 type of many velociraptors but Atrociraptor is a whole species that’s missing

I could see the jp3 raptors being released, but a skin for the jp3 raptors should be the tiger raptors from jp2.

Maybe next update

I geuss this update only introduced biosyn creatures, like JWE2 its also and biosyn update. The Atrociraptors where created by Ingen ( company of jurassic world and jurassic park). So if thats the case i expect thrm to get added later.

“Where’s the atrociraptor?” Good question. Not for the game but the movie.

What a disappointment. They gave them names and designs. Made them seem like they’d be important and play a larger role. Not one name was mentioned for them and they had one small scene. I was hoping they’d be involved a lot more.


It’s also not in Jurassic World The Game and Jurassic World Evolution 2

I saw somewhere on discord that one of the Frontier mods said “No what if they/we’re on NDA” so I assume thats what it is

What does that mean?

Basically one of the frontier mods accidentally leaked that they can’t add them because of Universal saying so

I’m sure we’ll get them soon enough. Maybe not the whole individual pack but at least Atrociraptor. Better than draw them out over a couple updates rather than all at once.

It would be lame to get 4 of them like the raptor squad. The original raptor squad was done properly. They were distinct and had their own names and colors. The atrociraptors were awful. Never heard their names and barely saw them. Such a minor role. They probably are just for merchandise. There was no point in promoting them and showing their names if we never would know they had special names from watching the movie.

Ugh dominion was just an awful movie. Such a disappointment.

I liekd dominion. There were definitley spots that i was “what the heck” but i felt it was pretty good. Plot was better than fallen kingdom imo.