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Where’s Manny?

What happened to the Mammoth? The field guide now says it doesn’t spawn in the wild.

Ludia only made it available for a week or two back in December. Now it’s back to being event/Sanc exclusive.

So, the only one to survive out of the 4 from update 1.11 and be an actual spawner is Baja?

Well, Woolly Rhino is now spawning in the wild now.

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Baja and Rhino spawn in the wild. That’s it for 1.11. Megaloceros and Mammoth are locked to Sancs/events.

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It was available for a month actually :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the correction.

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I have yet to see the rhino in the wild. Doesn’t matter now though. I’m getting 100 dna everyday from my daily missions. Thanks for everyone’s input. I just didn’t realize that the mammoth was available for just a short time. I guess I was looking for a Ludia announcement about it and didn’t see one.

The Woolly Rhino is exclusive to L4. You’ll know if you’re in L4 if you see Monolophosaurus Gen 2 and Parasaurolophus around you.

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Ludia is really making it hard with all the new creatures being Event exclusive. If they revamp the 4 zones with new creatures, then that would get people moving and active in the game, but they decide to lock them up for future events :pensive:

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Don’t forget herds of SUCHOMIMUS :see_no_evil::sob:

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Suchomimus was actually removed from L4, and I’m quite thankful for it :sweat_smile:

I’m L3 and getting swamped by them.

That’s because they are global now.

Oh really image image !

Yep, global spawns, so that’s nothing compared to what they where. I haven’t seen a Suchomimus since the update, and I’m ok with that.

I’m happy that suchomimus is global now. Non of the area’s i’m living in was L4. So now i can Finaly work on maxing out suchotator.

Suchomimus is a global nighttime spawn now. At least we don’t see it during the day now.

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Lol I’m in L 4 and still get loads but maybe it differs per continent. Already made several topics on this particular item🙈

Maybe your night spawns are crazy then. I’m in L4 and see none.