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Where’s my Lute?

I recently unlocked Calliope. After cycling through all of her initial free cards, I noticed that I got a higher level Lute that was locked. So basically I didn’t have one that I could use yet. Weird that the character model still showed one though. Whatever. Maybe it’s just a mandatory prop for that character.

Ok, so the actually buggy part is when I go to BUY some common Lute cards from the store. After purchasing, I head back to Calliope’s inventory and notice that the Lute item is STILL grayed out. Can’t equip, can’t upgrade - even though I now have 20 cards worth of Lute. Also the bonus effect doesn’t show up in the little hex window.

I now have two Lutes that I cannot use.


Hmmm…same thing happened again with another item. This time with a Bard’s Scarf.

It seems like if you buy loose cards from the store, BEFORE already owning any, it won’t update properly in the character’s inventory.



RESOLVED (kinda)

OK. Quitting out and restarting the game fixed this issue with both items.

Still a bug though. :grin: