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Where’s the Darwin bird


Where is the Darwin bird, he supposed to be very active this week and it’s already Tuesday mid afternoon and I have not even seen him yet, how can we create hybrids we were only given one piece

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In parks, “Darwin” is a park spond


I saw 3 today. They are definitely out but no alot


It’s actually anywhere this week. The hybrid pursuit just means it’s available in any zone. I don’t know if it’s “more active” though. I think it’s still as likely to spawn as any other epic (which let’s be honest can be quite low). But at least you are able to find it outside of parks. I already found one in L3 and from a scent in L2.


I haven’t seen any and I desperately want to get some Darwin DNA.


The only one I’ve seen so far disappeared at 201 meters.

That has happened to me over a dozen times (with various dinos) in the last few hours. Getting reeeaaaal tired of that.


I’ve seen ONE so far, and it was out of my drone range, and I was in the car… As a passenger, of course. Don’t wanna anger Owen! :joy:


I have seen several this week so far each day. Mostly all in what are categorized as parks.


No catchable Darwins yet, but I did see four Secos today, so I got that going for me.

Of course I need Darwin for my last dino to create. Waahh!! (Okay, Grypo unique too, but I’m 190 on that one.)


I saw one yesterday, L4.


Same, yesterday but out of range at L2


Yup, went to a park yesterday wasting 40 minutes for nothing :slight_smile:


Did an epic scent today out of 4 epics i got 1 Darwin


Good question, I used an epic scent yesterday at the park and didn’t pull a single one. Haven’t seen a single one yet and half the event has gone already.


I used 3 epic scents today, brought out 3 Darwins tho


Soooooo lucky :joy:


Not seen a single one yet - even using an epic scent


Keeps trolling me, appearing out of range. Saw 4 or 5 but darted only one.