Where’s the reward for creating uniques?

With recent nerfs to Magnapyritor , Indoraptor , and Erlidominus plus the fact that Diloracherius could be is simply taken out in one shot from the rat , it seems we are no longer rewarded in any way shape or form for creating the supposed apex uniques any longer .
Can Ludia please explain why they think it’s a good idea to have a game that relies on one Dino which is by far the easiest legendary to create , and then give it the opportunity to be boosted to such a point that it can wipe out these uniques in one swap in shot ?
Not only that , the rats health can be boosted to such a point that very little can one shot it ! So Ludia in their wisdom give it a regeneration move so it can be hit and swap back in to destroy another unique !
Before the clever posters say to use tanks or armoured dinos , remember that the rat can regenerate to swap out so the tank can get hit twice if necessary .
All the uniques I’ve mentioned have no armour so have become more vulnerable to the buff the rat was bizarrely given in 1.8 .
This is a ludicrous situation and made worse by the prize on offer by the current tournament . Magna was nerfed big time and Ludia offer us one of the components to make it in the first tournament after nerfing it !
Someone has a strange sense of humour .


The devs have no idea how balance works my team of 8 uniques are useless as iv dropped 900 trophys since boosts where added 5.3 to 4.4 and still dropping.
Uniques should be the best its pathetic. They should do like 20% boost to all stats just for being uniques there end game not some cheap easy to make rat


The game is balanced. The only problem is the balance is only in friendly matches or specific tournaments. This arms race for boosts doesn’t help the game and almost impossible for a new user to overcome when they get to end game. My massive boost purchase in 1.7 will crush them.

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Then surely it’s not a balanced system if the main mode of pvp is extremely unbalanced?

The reward is coming, just be patient. With the rollout of 1.9 you’ll be able to purchase armor for your magna. Don’t worry. Ludia has a plan for all of us. May Ludia we trust.


This is so funny !
Until I realised you are probably right Aldy … :frowning:

Forgot to add my 8 uniques are boosted 5-5-5 so can’t say I don’t spend

Your reward for creating uniques is that you’ll never get to use them for anything except the pointless seasonal tournaments. And the nerfs that come with every update. I’m sure there are more rewards but those are the 2 best.


Nope, but Ludia is, since you need to buy boosts to keep up with the stats “arms race”.


I guess they are good fodder for the boosted rat in the arena too , and that’s always nice to see !

Got it in one $$$

Thanks for writing this topic.

100% agree.

It’s so strange to see level 27 Thor, level 28 Dracocera and level 21 erlidom, level 21 Tryko…

I just mean,

People DON’T find any other DNA then What’s given to them by the company.

Easy Legend and 3 months of Sino.

All that effort of hunting is zero worth.

They control the game to much.


Dodge/Cloak were already balances before the nerf. Not only could the dinos with these perks be hit by normal attacks, there were plenty of dinos with counters to these moves. Now with the nerf, these dinos are next to useless. I’m not paying to chase dinos that as soon as I get them they get nerfed into obscurity.


creature design was doing great and better each update.

until release of boosts… now playerbase do a complete mess with all creature logic.

if a thor is high damage, is then compensated by low speed. like t-rex. but its a unique, then to avoid it get 2 high damage shoots before do its high damage, its design is fine tuned with instant stun damage in moveset.

if a erlidominis has low health, its compensated by high speed and damage. and to not be so powerful, its high damage doesnt break shields/armor.

and so on…

boosts throws all game developer logic design to garbage can.

now we have a high health erlidominus, a sonic speed thor (making instant stun nonsense), and a sonic high damage high health legendary dracorat.

boosts = :wastebasket:


Maybe LUDIA needs to see 3/4 of player base leaving this game before they will consider fixing it. There is no doubt that ALL boosts ruined the game and they MUST be nerfed to max 10% increase if they can’t remove them to avoid refunds. Also, they must rework the move set of the rat. No legendary should be able to one shot ANY unique dino!

Yeah. It’a so dumb, don’t have any words left for it.

To have a game where everyhing evolves around DC and overpowered THOR.

Please L ! See how absurd it is!

The reward is that Thor and DC gets to chomp on your hard earned first time created unique

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If boosts for armour and critical chance are introduced, I will quit the game.

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From the rumours it seems they will . And if our alliance is anything to go by , leaving the game won’t make Ludia change anything . We’ve lost at least 17 players in the last month . And the rest don’t play anywhere near as often .

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I will as well. All this boosts & rat nonsense upsets me so much. This game had so much potential.

Hopefully CEO making all those ridiculous decisions will be fired when this game is finished and player base gone.

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