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Where should I go from here?

Been running into a few tough fights in the legendary Rarity Rumble and Stakeholders visit. I am wondering if I should try and raise my ferocity level up or just deepen my current roster. Screenshot_20210407-123423


Deepening with level 40 legendary and some rare hybrid like tapejalocephalus or carnoraptor

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Huh… Those are some pretty strong opponents… I don’t think it’s an issue from your lineup…

Increasing your ferocity will increase the difficulty of the opponents. Try deepening ur roster and make more things level 40 should make things easier

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Yep same thing happened last week as well so I don’t think those battles are based off my ferocity level like other events.

I would love to do that but I don’t have the mono carnivore for tapejal , neither of the dinos for carno unlocked, and only utahraptor unlocked for Spinoraptor :frowning:


Stakeholders Visit is Stakeholders Visit!
Fight for Finds is Fight for Funds!
They are hard no matter what!

This is what you should use in the first image: use your strongest amphibian in the begging, and then use two of your strongest pterosaurs in the next two slots. I hope this helps.

Same thing here! My opponents are almost identical.

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