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Where Should I Put Allosinosaurus?


This is my current team, by the end of this week, if fuses are good, I should have Allosinosaurus. My question is where should I Put it? I’m thinking Tragodistis should be removed but I’m not sure. Any help is appreciated! :smiley:


Spinotah is fast but I remember him dying just as fast. Allisino is slow with more health and damage. I would trade with spinotah for sure.

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Easy, switch it out with the Suchotator, I’d leave Tragodist well in as it’s very useful and has lots of utility.

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Swap out spinotah, he cant take a hit from like anything…keep suchotator he has more health and a nullify.

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Thanks for all the help guys :slight_smile: looks like Spinotahraptor is gonna be benched this weekend hopefully.

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Swap it for postimetrodon


I’m wondering why did you leveled up spinotha, posti and gorgo instead of working on thier legendary hybrid :neutral_face: