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Where should I spend my DNA?

I spend my DNA very frequently,whenever I unlock any new legendaries,I make sure to get 2 so that I have a level 20 atleast,so that I can use it more,so I have begun to feel as though I am spending too much DNA,also that I always do the silver prize drop for DNA on Wednesdays and Thursdays,I am not sure if I should really be doing so at the moment,I feel like I should cut down in these spots,what is your opinion? Also i would like to know where do I increase my DNA Grind, my main sources of DNA are:-

  1. Boss Battles
  2. Packs
  3. PVP Grinding
  4. Trade Harbor

Also should I do LP for DNA Custom Trades,I just noticed that regular creatures have some really good LP value,I won a Scaphognathus yesterday in the Cenezoic battle event, and got a Scaphognathus,and got a trade for LP , I got 1976 LP for 1 Scaphognathus,I got a similar offer for my T Rex,but it was 1000 LP instead of 1976. Aquatics often bring me over 900 LP in the trade harbor,I have 5000 at the moment,the creature trades are really helpful,I just got 1100 LP for Xiphactinus, 900 LP for Doliphorhynchops.

What park level are you?

Can all 3 classes finish safely in Dominator?

If you produce a lot of extra coins (by the 10s of millions), do coins to Dino trades to either hatch or trade.

PvP modded for more Dino prizes (20% vs like 8% in PvP).

If none of these apply, which ever class is weakest and you have a good unlock for or build up your best coin producing Dino.

Park level 57.

I’m guessing the top of your line up is filled with level 20 legendary dinos.

The game will eventually give you more copies of those (and pretty much any/all the Jurassic ones over time).

I’d look at what common-hybrid, rare-hybrids or super rare-hybrids you can unlock. Unlock one of those and start hatching them. The game doesn’t give you as many of these.

Okay,thanks,my Alangasaurus is maxed,my Spinoraptor Level 10. I have a Gillicus and Rajastega hatching,Rajastega was a Modded PVP Reward and so was Spinoraptor,I can get Tropeogopterus really soon,and get unlock Spinoraptor if I need,my Spinosaurus is level 20,Utahraptor is max. Maybe Indominus Rex soon,because my Rajastega is going to be unbalanced,so to match that,I have enough raptors and T Rexes to do so,only thing is that 2 of my t rexes are still hatching. I can speed them up.

I have a Suchomimus level 30,T Rex Level 30 as well,Pteranodon is level 20,Shunosaurus is level 20. Itchyostega is also level 20 . A lot of my Legendaries go into dust because of the time they take to hatch,so I lose loads of valuable trades to them and hence have to trade them out. Earth Shattering is kind of tough for me though,so I must get my creatures to atleast level 30 legendaries.

I’d recommend clearing your market.

Pick the ones you need (or want) the most, and hatch them. Trade the rest off when offered DNA/DB/LP.

Tomorrow is the discount window. Do you have enough DB stored up to hatch them all?

I’d recommend hatching any Ceno or Aquatic you get. They are more expensive for DNA and the game gives you less of them.