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Where Should I Use My DNA?

Hey guys I’m having trouble figuring out where I should improve my lineups if anyone has any suggestions let me know! I’ve posted my current lineups down below!

I would buy pterosaurs

More pterosaurs, cerazinosaurus is one of the bargain hybrids for getting a slightly weaker yudon for just over half the price

It seems you have unlocked metraiphodon so I would just buy a bunch of those.

Wait cerizinosaurus isn’t a pterosaur​:joy::joy:

he will also need tanks pterosaurs

Tanks are the most usless type in the game. As long as your dino can take one hit then there is no need to ever have tanks. You just have to outsmart the bot

disagree tanks that give ammunition to cannons…

and losing a tank is better than losing a useful dino…
think this

yes but see secondontosaurus can only take one hit. No point in trying to get tanks when the attack multiplies so much that the health difference has to be huge. The only tank in the game that’s good is pachy because it has 18000 health

in next turn i will have 2 moves…

exactly but thats no different from anything else. It doesnt have to be a tank to tank one hit. So for example anything with 2868 health or above would be perfectly good for this.

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