Where should this team be (trophies)? Can I Improve on the team comp?

Heres the team (I’m sparse on boosts):

I was heavily struggling with max, mini, dio and tryko so I removed some boosts to boost my rex a bit. Now, though, I lose to indos (!!!), thors, and magnas. Actually dropped 350 trophies lol.


i’m thinking with the team you have now, you’d be mid library - mid gyro.
id say your team may need some swap synergy/ entrapment. dracocera (tho i hate the creature in general) is really good. It’s not just a swap in, it has the bulk and damage for some field presence. Grypolyth is also a good tactical swapper/ entrapment creature. never underestimate even a little bit of chip damage. At 23 tho, she may be too low lv for where you’re at.


Thanks!! What would you swap out for draco?

Max and rinex are your weakest links… I wonder if you’d do better with spyx and tryko in their.

Also unboosted Thor is pretty questionable at best because he just isn’t very good without them.

Since your only got boosts really in Mortem might be a good time to try out some subs. If having a sino variant is important I’d take an unboosted rinex over unboosted Thor. Even if you plan on boosting later Thor atleast is likely costing you matches now.

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Id say either thor, M Rex or maxima.
M Rex feels too underpowered compared to other apex creatures and it looses to thor 1v1.
Thor is one of the only endgame pure fierce creatures around and she’s not the best without boosts. however, she is what people use to take out monolorhino.
Maxmia, imo, isn’t all that special. She has decent damage, but feels almost like a worse gemini.

I may have some personal bias here, so i’d look for a few more opinions.

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I disagree with mortem, first off he has so many boosts invested in mortem benching him would be the worse thing he could do.

Secondly Mortem is played by multiple top 20 players even under leveled… these are the teams that’s causing all the match making issues in shores. Mortem isn’t under powered…


i completely missed the boosts on it. yeah, i wouldn’t take it off then either.
I still feel that M Rex is underpowered compared to the resilient Apexes (or those two are too strong) as it does loose to them. either way i think it needs sorted.

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I would say low library, but the mortem will probably bump you up a few spots, so mid library. No boosts on anything else means you’ll probably seldom see gyrosphere depot.

I would get thor out ASAP and put in tryko. 105 speed just doesn’t cut it for something without any other kinds of tricks to compensate.

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Low library is exactly where I’ve been :slight_smile:

Seems thor is a common candidate. I swapped him out. Ty all - I’ll let you know how it goes.

Well, I landed in aviary and am struggling to get back. Stuff like this makes it hard:

I dont understand why these players arent higher.

Shores matchmaking. anyone 6K trophies and above can be matched together. (thanks Ludia) so players just entering shores can be matched with the #1. it created a domino effect and is pushing everyone down, some choosing to drop just to stay out of shores.

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Oh gross. 10 grosses.

Is mortem your only boosted dino? It is not optimally boosted, it really needs more attack to actually do what it’s supposed to do, hit hard. It’s speed is also a bit on the higher end, I’d suggest no higher than 124-126 speed, but 134 isn’t too far off.

Do you have any more boosts? Thor and Mortem basically play the same role, so you really only need one of them. Tryko would be the best to add-in.

As for the rest of your team, some mentioned swapping out rinex for spyx. I think this would be a good idea, although an underleveled spyx is kind of risky. The only other thing you can do is boost your team. Magna needs speed + attack, the rest need attack and some HP.

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Thanks for the advice. I do have this, but I figured it wasnt good for arena

No extra boosts. I am working on that. Lost them when unboosting my fully boosted dilo and max. Had to adjust for our raid comp.

Wow, uh that’s an interesting choice to dump 20 attack boosts into. Honestly, it may do okay in arena. It seems like you’re focused more on raiding so if that’s your goal then stick with it.

Also, I’d recommend against unboosting fully boosted dinos outside of a boost reshuffle, but to each their own.

You should be around Gyrosphere Depot with this team. Well, levelling up Erlikospyx or Tryostonix or Erlidomimus could be a real treat for you though you could struggle with health factors a bit in the process.

:joy: thanks. I have two young children that play and these apexes would help them a lot. My wife has a 20 attack 8 health boosted 28 max. Between us we can carry them through ceramagnus and lux raids. Trying to figure out mortem.

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Yikes, I am no where close to that.

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Oh, that’s sad. If you were, you would well be a top tier player. 'Cause your team is pretty solid you know. If you are at Aviary then unless you face max boosted opponents this team should take you to mid Lockwood Library or higher.

Aviary is below library :thinking: