Where they successful, or too soon to tell? Tank meta


Seems to me stego and trag are strong as ever. Not to mention dinos like stegocera etc.

I was hoping to see a meta shift. Im tired of tanks.

Will the current patch restore balance over time?


Stegod still kills two in a row for me. I win when I get it.


Superior strike must go out for sure, this skill is so much op and a less level stegod can kill another stegod whit more lvl if use the correct order. Same whit dilonaro, first dilonaro who attack lose cause the less level doing superior strike and then greating stuning
Superior strike was innesesary cause they had already tragomizer and insane dmg for being a tank. My stegod at 29 doing 2340 dmg whit armor piercing devastation, my indoraptor at 25 do 2668 being much much less tankier