Where to find Diplodocus

Does anyone know how to get this dinosaur? Can’t find it in the battle arena incubators or on the spawnmap

I believe it’s an incubator only spawn for now.

In which arena? I can’t find it anywhere

Its not out yet. Miragaia is the dino thats arena exclusive. Not diploducus

Or is it out yet… it was in 1.5 patch notes.
Maybe Diplodocus is the new Dsungaripterus/Ankylosaurus, non-arena exclusive, SUPER hard to find, dinosaurs.

Its not on metahub spawn mechanics and its not in arena

Dont u think someone would have it by now

Might be an event only for now? Kind of reminds me of Brachiosaur before it became a spawn. We would only get the DNA on the event strike towers