Where to find Ouranosaurus?

To be honest, Ourano is the rarest epic I‘ve seen right behind Erlikosaurus.
I used to hunt in diverent zones, in parks cities and in urban regions but I haven‘t seen one since weeks.

I see Sino more often, so if Sino‘s a unicorn then Ourano‘s a two-horned unicorn.

Where do you find her and have some of you made similar experiences?

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Oh I forgot to mention Ankylo. Does she even spawn in the wild?

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Ourano is the most common epic (along with T-rex) to be seen around my house. Im L2.

Interesting, I were in zone 2 but „only“ found Rexy. The last time I saw Ourano it decided to disappear. :confused:

I remember using an Epic scent once in my zone, and i got like 5 epics from it. Ouranos and Rexes, so they are around. I can see them at least a few times a week although not ever day.

Yeah with my last scent I got my first Ourano many weeks ago.
It‘s been ages since Ingot my last epic scent. Battling every scent tower but always getting only 5min and 20m normal scents. Never seen a rare scent and only once or max twice epic scents not sure exactly.

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I find Sino the rarest although I hunt in Area 1 Everyday - around one maybe every two weeks…
Anky I see around once a week although I stay in Area 4
Ouranosaurus around twice a week. I work in Area 2

Yes anky spawns in the wild, but is the three horned unicorn, she spawns but not too often

I used to catch several a day. I havent seen one in 2 weeks at least. I see rex and sino plenty. At night I see baryonyx and raja.

Just now at my house two of them. Screenshot_20181110-170419


I‘m jealous. ^^

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Just saw one 5 mins ago while grocery shopping too.

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Waste the bucks on epic scent and you will have tons of dna of epic what you want is all about money

I don’t think you know how epic scents work.

I see maybe 1-2 epics per week. Last one I saw was a Barynox a few days ago. At this rate, I won’t have to worry about maxing out dinos for years to come. Not to mention added dinos. I guess I have tons of playing potential in the future so I’ll never finish and get to play forever? :man_shrugging:

Sino is nightmare for me but i live far from this area, inne my whole game time i encountered him 3 times (fortunately he is event dino) erlikosaur though is a joke, i live on area 3 where he should spawn frequently and i saw him maybe 1 month ago, only spino spawn, sometimes mono its a drama

I also didnt see baryonyx for a while, only brachiosaurus