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Where to go from here?


So since last weeks crazy event I’ve put an erli and a tryko on my team but, apart from leveling up tryko, I’m kind of unsure what I should focus on next. Any advice would be appreciated!

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Hey Thwackum, it looks to me like you already have a pretty solid team there! I would suggest levelling up each of the dinos on your team a bit more for your next goal. You could also start focusing on getting Magnapyritor as well. Let me know your thoughts.

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I would say try to work on monostego this week as mono are more accessible this week. Your team looks pretty solid. Just continue lvling what you have.

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I’ve got 2500+ mono dna already stocked up, it’s the triceratops that’s the limiting factor. Almost never come across it anymore when I travel


Use your Tyrannolophosaur DNA and start working toward Tenontorex. Your Diloranosaurus needs level, Diloracheirus is a must. Tuoramoloch will be priority #1 to replace, followed by Utasinoraptor

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Utarinex over utahsino?


In this case it would have been for Diloracheirus. The Utarinex v Utasino debate is fersure one to be debated. But Tenonto is an upgrade over Tuora & Diloracheirus is an upgrade over Utasino


Your Monostego & Dracoceratops require some attention

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Appreciate it! Gonna go hunting today to get started


Yeah triceratops are hard to come by, and I see Dracos maybe once a week. I live in l3 with only an l4 reasonably close to hunt in. Doesn’t help that my alliance has a max of 7-8 active daily players so not too many ever donate much


Magna’s on my dream team but the way I get irritator dna later it’ll be another two months before I can create her :joy:
Honestly I just want her because she’s by far the best looking Dino out there!

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Yeah requesting Draco2 & Triceratops2 is a lost cause, everyone is going to request that. I hunted all my components to level 30 DC. Go pay L2 a visit, use some common scents, you’d be surprise how high a frequency Draco2 show up

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Tri2 I’ve got over 30k and counting :joy:, I give that stuff away and still come out with more everyday since I try to dart them all. It’s the rare tri I was talking about to level up the mono. Also I just checked out your team on the leaderboard and realized I almost have the exact same lineup, imitation an I right?


Magna is a mudt in this meta