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Where to go next with next unique


Currently I have a level 19 rajank with a level 15 chicken and was going toward Diloracheirus. Upon further inspection of my dna I have 1000 Ankylosaurus dna and 1000 Kentrosaurus. Should I change my plan and work towards tryko? I currently have 1000 Rex dna and my indo is 23. I was just curious as to the overall meta impact. I am currently also creating Utarinex. Thanks in advance everyone!


Tryko is a beast. At 200 rex per fuse (mostly tens for me) you will need alot more rex. Jealous of your 1k kentro tho lol


You’ve made a lot of progress on rajanky… you sure U want to give that up ? Especially when you’re soo close!

Maybe wait until you have dioraja… and collect all the rexes you can in the mean time to put towards tryko (or level up Indo a little) ?


Yeah all of those options are things I’m considering too. I was just trying to find the most complementary combo unique wise. Utariinex and tryko or Utarinex and dioraja