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Where to go to report hacking?

I just was in a battle and this person either was extremely lucky (doubtful) or hacking and I’m wondering where to report it.

U need to send to the support tech… But u know since last update strange things happens in PVP battle and Raid I hear

Why do you think your opponent was hacking?

PVP mainly is about luck. So being “extremely lucky” happens rather often…


Hey Rexy_The_Trex, if you have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact our team at


How do you know they were hacking?

maybe he is hacking too and his opponent is better? :smiley:

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Being extremely lucky, or in my case unlucky, ain’t that hard in this game.

I lost two matches last month with my opponets getting three 5% crits in a row.

That isn’t a case of hacking

That’s just you losing to someone better


No. It was definitely either luck or hacking. It was two full damage hits with a non-precise/no cloak removal attack on a cloaked Indominus.

They got two full damage hits with a fierce rampage in a row on my cloaked Indominus.

True. I might not report it after all. Just seemed… off to me.

Revenge Cloak has a 75% Chance to Dodge, not a 100%. So yeah, the opponent wasn’t hacking, you just got unlucky.

And yes, it can and sometimes does happen more than once. As someone who runs pretty much the only Erlidominus in Gryosphere Depot, I hate it when the same thing happens to me, but fact of the matter is that’s just the way it goes sometimes.

You’d think it wouldn’t be twice in a row even if it’s 75% rather than 100%. I suppose that’s just the way the dice rolls.

Not hacking at all smh

That’s just RNG, what you said has happened (at least once) to 99.9% of players. That’s not hacking.

First of all, I am not a hacker. I don’t even know HOW to hack. Second of all I am a she.

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Welp. That sucks.

no it’s just a lot of luck I have already done 5 or 6 critical in a row with tyranolopho

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