Where to spend DB

1st of all I want to thank the community, I’ve been progressing fast and I’ve been having fun thanks to all your tips

Should I spend my DB here? Is it the optimal choice? If not, where do I spend them?

@Yy4627 I rarely do such offers, especially for herbivores

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If you look at the odds on those packs, the odds of getting the top prize are incredibly small. I think many of us here would advise that if you’re going to spend Dinobucks at all, use them to speed up hatcheries and Fusions during the appropriate discount times. Also, if you have access to the Trade Harbor, do your three refreshes each day.


Dont waste your DB. Save the for tournaments battles (countdown) Buy these pack is a waste

How about the gyrosphere? Should I spend it there?

In my opinion gyrospheres are the worst investment for dinobucks. Save them for battle cooldowns and more important at a later stage of your game for hatchery speedup.

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To @Tommi point the standard Gyrosphere can be a waste, when they have the special event ones (like the Easter one we just had) those are worth it generally depending on your stash of DB and your goals.

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Spend the DB on the hatchery Tuesday mornings buying and hatching 7 day dinos.

At level 53, you may not have any yet.

It is ok to save them. You’ll blow through that many DBs on hatching dinos in a week easy.

Also, your market has 36 items in it. If that includes any dinos, clear them all out. This will improve your Trade Harbor trades to get more/better things.

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Yes Gyrosphere has nice rewards.

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