Where to spend the Monolophosaurus dna?


I have enough Gallimimus dna and Stegoceratop dna for either Monomimus and Monostegotop but my Monolophosaurus dna is more limited at 620 dna.

Monomimus is level 25, Monostegotop is level 22. Which should I spend the Mono dna on? I find the former more useful but feel like I should be leveling both?


i’ve been using monomimus more and more and monostego less and less. unless your opponent has cloak/evasive monostego is not really super useful. i only use it to have 2 nullify dinos.


I’m putting all my eggs in the Monomimus basket. High speed and immunity is so nice.


I stopped on monotops long ago. I don’t care about how high I can climb in arena. I do however like to minimize my time on strike towers. Monomimus wrecks towers so fast. Just my personal stance.


I agree with the others. I took monostego off my team. He is slow and seems to die rather quickly. I don’t have Monomimus yet but I’ve fought enough to know she is team worthy


I’ve beaten many indos with Monomimus. Just beat one that was 3 levels higher without taking a scratch. Try that with monostego.


both are valuable. i have both of mine at level 21. i like stego more because it relies less on rng(besides crits) but when mimus works its awesome. me, id lvl both equally .


I left my Monostego at lv20, and keep raise Monomimus until lv24 now.
That immuny & speed get lots benefit.

In lv24, my monomimus not only able to counter I-raptor, also other speedy hybrids like Pyrri or Utahsino, because most of them are around lv20. And also easy to deal with lower level Monomimus.


Not sure what youre seeing but monostego has armor high good HP and is among the fastest tanks. Mimus is better but monostego is far from bad and certainly not “slow”


It’s my big question. When it seemed that Monomimus was unattainable for lack of gallimimus, I created the Monostegotops, precisely to fight against the Monomimus and the Indoraptor, the two most annoying creatures with which I face. Now a month and a half later I have obtained Monolophosaurus DNA (possibly the hardest to get) enough to create Monomimus or evolve Monostegotops and I do not know what to do. What is clear is that if I evolve Monostegotops it means that I will never create Monomimus anymore. If I believe Monomimus, I will have to leave Monostegotops forever. Monomimus is a lethal soul, a legendary with unique power and Monostegotops one of its few antidotes. I will have to decide.

When I read that someone has Monomimus at level 25 and Monostegotops at level 22 I’m speechless (like when I see a Indoraptor level 30). By the way of hunting and gift incubators it would take many years to be able to have them. If I were to buy epic incubators, I should sell my house and I do not know if it would be enough;)


Create Monomimus. If you have Monostego still on lvl 16 or 17 then one lvl won’t help you that much. Indominus kills easily lvl 16, 17 Monostego in open fight (without cloaking).
So currently I see Monomimus more useful.
Monolopho DNA is hard to get. They just wanished also from L3. Saw 2 one night, then 1 another day, but week before and now few days after nothing.


Thanks for the advice. Surely I will do what you say, create Monomimus. The pity has come to create the Monostegotops because it could have a level more than Monomimus and also would not have wasted Stegoceratops DNA, currently at level 21. Anyway My Monostegotops has helped me a lot with the Indoraptors. He has not killed them but he has hurt them enough to be finished off by the next dino or to finish the job started by another creature.

My problem is to have now decompensated equipment with 6 dinos of 20 or more (the maximum Stegodeus with 23, almost 24) and a very large set of very powerful creatures of 16/18 (Alankylosauro, Monostegotops, Pyrritator, RajaKylosauro, Ouranosauros, ParaMoloch, Spynotahraptor, tanycolagreus, Blue, …). I’m trying combinations of two of these last dinos (currently Alankylosauro and Monostegotops) but none of them just work quite well and I’m still standing in the 4200 environment.


I was stating that he is slower in comparison to Monomimus as we were discussing the comparison of the two, not of monostego and other tanks.


Go for Monomimus. :wink:


You said its slow and dies easily not its slower plus head 2 head Monostego kills mimus so dies easily doesn’t make sense.


In my experience, he dies quickly. If that is not your experience then I can respect that.


Well, for me I find that with Monostegotop she would have to be one level higher than the IRex to survive an encounter with IRex. Some may argue that she isn’t there to kill IRex but the point is if she is the only nullify dino the game picked for this battle, it’s important she stays alive longer for one turn. Monomimus usually stays alive longer because of her speed, immunity and sometimes working evasive stance. That’s why mine is higher level than the Monostegotop.

I’ve decided to put the Mono dna to Monomimus for now. I have enough Gallimimus dna to get her past 26 but still not enough Mono dna :joy_cat:


Dang level 26!!! I’m still sitting at 190/200 to create :joy::joy::joy: