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Where were you before the tournament & where are you now?


Was 44XX before and just broke back into Jurassic Ruins tonight at right above 4000…

(Took some time intentionally dropping down to the lower arena just to see if it was worthwhile getting dna this way)


I was planted at 3503. Farmed DNA and created 3 legendaries. When the tournament started, I dropped to 33xx, but slowly crept back up and now im at my all time high of 3743.Things seem to be slowly returning to normal.


I was around 3200-3300 range, fluctuating. Now I’m about 3400 with a few dino level-ups. Still fighting people with several hundred trophies on me and higher average team level disparity but at least I can cheese a wee bit now.


Was at 4500s, now currently at the 4200s taking my time working my way up. Just battling when my incubator slots are empty.


Was at 43XX before the tournament. Am at 39XX now. Finding it hard getting into 4000 as everytime I approach it, I meet a strong team with minimum level 22 creatures. Sheesh…


Well I was at 500 now I am at 1400 :smile: not bad for me


was at 39xx before the tournament and im going up & down between 35xx-37xx now. But im starting to match up with people who is way higher level and got powerful hybrids so im losing 4-5 in a row. Thats what is always happening to me 3-4 wins in a row and 3-4 opponent wins in a row.


Was 4300ish, now yoyoing between 3600 and 3900.


I am almost the same as before the tournament started. I was 34xx (reached for a while 35xx but backed down before the reset) now I am 3522 in this moment and I am noting a more balanced match matching going further and further. Days ago I faced people with all legendaries and I have just two of them :sweat_smile:


I was in top 200 before the tournament started (a little more than 4800 trophies back then) and I’m in top 100 now, with almost 4500 trophies.

The difference ? I used DNA I was stockpiling since the beginning :joy:


Was 3500 a few days before the reset but just broke into Jurassic Ruins before the reset itself; now just over 3500; have not dropped below and went to about 3700. I only battle though when I have a free incubator slot as that is my goal.


It doesn’t feel as good as I wish it would, but well, that’s done. :rofl::rofl:


Was about 4400 before now about 3800.


I was 40XX - 41XX before reset and now anywhere from 37XX - 39XX daily


Rounding 4200 at the time. Weirdly, nowadays in this tournament you either wind up sweeping or getting swept, but rarely fought a good battle involving strategy and anticipation, in which have been generally replaced by rng since one historical point.


Same here. Competition is not so much fun.


I was at 35** before now im having a hard time to stay around 3300-3400
Competition is not fair sometimes


prereset 4500, now at 4130


No change from pre-tournament to on-going tournament. Still stuck between 3000-3100.

I’m hoping to unlock at least 1-2 Legendary hybrids this week and start lifting myself out of this hole. Feels like I’ve been stuck at this spot for ages! :sweat_smile:


Was around 37xx before. Now im hovering at 3480