Where will be Aquatics in JWA

  • 2.19
  • 2.20
  • 2.21
  • 2.22
  • 3.0

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I’ll expect them to be the next big thing after the apex update


I’m personally not sure they’re ever going to come. I mean, how would you even release them? Outside of the usual “pay for it” thing.



Hopefully never.

Ludia said it’s not in their vision but not off the table.

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Aquatics would be neat in this game, but I 100% agree with this. Ludia couldn’t possibly add a MASSIVE addition like Aquatics without totally flooding the game with tons of bugs or making it P2W.


The only way they could work is if each current arena was edited to have a possible water pool of some sort so that water creatures could fight land/air ones. If they had to do separate water-only arenas, they’d need 13 new arenas plus enough water creatures to give everyone from newbies to top players a varied team of eight. That would balloon the app size to the point where they may as well make it a second game.

Even if they did edit each existing arena to incorporate water, they’d have to figure out a way for players to dart the creatures and place them in sanctuaries (this game tries to be at least semi-realistic, so they wouldn’t be magically floating in the air like water Pokemon). I’ve seen suggestions for a completely new map, which again, app size issue. Mobile games can’t get too big or they cut out a lot of players who don’t have high-end phones with tons of space.

I think this game will die before they ever get to aquatics (I still suspect it could be over by December), but if they ever do release them, it would be a major version update, so a 3.0 or a 4.0 kinda deal.