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Where you are in the Leaderboard?

Comment below and let us know where you are in the Leaderboard!

I play normally: 8-12 games a day and i’ve increased from 2300 to 4200 since the release. I’m currently ranked 35.

I do not lose sleep over this like Dokukaeru (11480) who have almost as much as three times me!

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8080 for me! Gotta play Battle Mode more!

Last I checked #6…probably slipped down to #10 or below now. I have to admit theres really no point to strive for top 3 spots… no rewards in it but having a leaderboard is better than nothing :roll_eyes:

You are paid to litterally play / test this game.
So of course you can be #2 on the chart

17K! But, only level 7s. :slight_smile:

I just played the person ranked just above me. Unfortunately he is also 4 levels higher for all his characters and I lost quickly. I’m number 20. I prefer playing the bots. I can usually win a little more than half the time. The real players at my ranking all kick my characters butts unless I’m lucky enough to get the wizard, cleric, fighter and ranger.

2 months in 290 here. Still learning. And working on gear