Whered they go?

you just posted the patch notes what happened???

where did they get posted?

they got posted here then took down asap. i was reading them all then when i came back here to talk about them they were gone.

Jorge is tweaking them, give him a bit and he will re-post them

They forgot to post a few other nerfs :wink:


within a couple of hours?

any advice on whst to dart for the event in the meanwhile?

allisinosaurus gets a unique


really? :open_mouth: @Pateradactyl

I would go for the Sinoceratops! :blush:

Dam just darted alot of anky as i wanted rajanky maybe sino is going to be getting smashed now

anky dna is still useful for rajanky and ankyn and for their respective uniques so it isn’t wasted. I mean I will still dart a couple anky’s to get my rajanky to lv20 now. Rest will then be for sino

Think i darted about 4 anky to get rajanky and level to 17 only got 40 more to level up to 18 shall i level then go sino as i don’t have him level 14 yet never mind getting allosino?

I love my allosino. It is the lowest level in my whole team, but it is so good and I want to get it 20 anyways because it will be much much better.

Wow that’s nice … still need to get the allosino though

Thinking one more anky see if i can get rajanky level 18 then go all out on sino and see if i can get atleast level 15 ready for fusing allosino


Hmm, maybe i dart 15 allo and hit this button a few times

Where are all the Sino? Even as a featured dino, it’s gone missing. I only managed to dart ONE and that’s after driving past at least 15 green stops.

Lol… Allosino is already op… Tryko kinda felt leftout

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Maybe have to wait for the rotating spawns!
I was looking forward to dart Anky for my Tryko, but see so many Sinos around my place!

Wondering if I should go for Sino for the Allosino Unique or continue focusing on Anky for Tryko.
I am more of a collector than fighter now :smiley: