Whered they go?

The rare triceratops is global I think. But rare and common DNA doesn’t matter anyways.

What rarity was it can you recall?

ok… so for real there was a sneak peak at the release notes and someone legit saw an Allosino unique??

rarity? gen2

yup. i seen it all

I’m actually interested in the rarity of the hybrid it fuses into. I guess it’s legendary or above?

I hope they fix dinos stuck in strike towers… This rajasaurus across the street needs rescuing.

posted the link in metahub

@wrothgar rip to our decision to level up mimus…

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what happened to it???

Monomimus hybrid? Or nerf?

@Pateradactyl at this point it is irresponsible to keep throwing out vague comments like this. Either you have the notes or you don’t and none of us know, so either post a screen shot of what you have or hold off until the notes are officially released, please.

im not going to post the notes here out of respect to the admins. they took them down for a reason. i have posted them on metahub


10 noooosss

You posted the notes where the admins couldn’t remove them.

Out of respect.

I’m sure it doesn’t matter but that’s kind of mad thinking.

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Not sure where you posted them on Metahub, but they are smart too, because it isn’t anywhere to be found there. It wouldn’t be good for Metahub for the notes to be released there either when they are working with Ludia.

general chat of the jurassic world tab

password protected so cannot view

Still didn’t find it smh. Like I haven’t found a dinosaur in reality