Where's Blue?


Why hasn’t Blue been permanently added as a dinosaur that can be found in the wild or obtained from incubators yet?

I wasn’t able to get enough DNA to create Blue when she was available


Probably because she is a unique rarity and they know we all want her. She’ll appear again as an event spawn I’m sure.


except they killed raptors now, so you’re better off not having spent time/money getting her


Raptors are used now by alot as finishers. They work well when your opponent keeps on switching out his guys and they have low health and Raptors clean up the mess.


What he said above, plus Blue maintains excellent defense for a heavy damage-dealer.


you dont need an incredibly rare epic raptor to do that though. there are plenty now. blue has armor and a shield, so the intent is that she can stay in and fight for a while


Raptors are not worth anymore, except pyrritator and uthasinoraptor