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Wheres da sino?!


I despretly need Sinoceratops!! When or where will it appear? Nobody knows… but im all about the utarinex, so i will need a lot… what do i do?


Unfortunately, the Sino event has just ended. Your only chance now is looking for her (and maybe using scent) in local 1 area or gas station.

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Don’t know if it ended for sure!
Just found a Sino spawn in L4 (just within range). I used to get one spawning at a Gas station bit further ahead once in a while , but this was not at gas station.

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That may have been an “escapee” until Ludia’s system update kicked in to end the event. Looks like its Tarbo’s turn


I also just found a sino, also in L4. No complaints here, given I had assumed I wouldn’t see any during the event (like with grypo) and this was my 3rd!

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Also found a sino in L4 just now. Not sure when its due to be reset.


How is it Tarbo’s turn when I been seeing him everywhere, anytime anyway?!


Just found a sino

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I got 2k from this sino event

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The enhanced Sino spawn boost started last Tuesday, so I think it will not end until 9 am Tuesday. I wish they put exact dat and time on their FB posts. Anyway, use any epic scents you have in Sinoceratops zone which is Local Area 1 any time of day. It would be ideal to find a Local Area 1 that has a lot of gas stations since it is a Nest spawn for Sino.

Take advantage of the enhanced spawn rate before it disappears.

Spawn Mechanics Article on Metahub - Where to find certain dinosaurs?


Da Sino is on da wae back to L1, bruddah

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Thank you, I will capture da queen

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going to L1 and encountering a bunch of Einiosaurus in L2

It’s da fake queen bruddahs! Spit on it!

spitting intensifies

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intense clicking noises

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