Wheres da sino?!

I despretly need Sinoceratops!! When or where will it appear? Nobody knows… but im all about the utarinex, so i will need a lot… what do i do?

Unfortunately, the Sino event has just ended. Your only chance now is looking for her (and maybe using scent) in local 1 area or gas station.

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Don’t know if it ended for sure!
Just found a Sino spawn in L4 (just within range). I used to get one spawning at a Gas station bit further ahead once in a while , but this was not at gas station.

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That may have been an “escapee” until Ludia’s system update kicked in to end the event. Looks like its Tarbo’s turn

I also just found a sino, also in L4. No complaints here, given I had assumed I wouldn’t see any during the event (like with grypo) and this was my 3rd!

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Also found a sino in L4 just now. Not sure when its due to be reset.

How is it Tarbo’s turn when I been seeing him everywhere, anytime anyway?!


Just found a sino

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I got 2k from this sino event

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The enhanced Sino spawn boost started last Tuesday, so I think it will not end until 9 am Tuesday. I wish they put exact dat and time on their FB posts. Anyway, use any epic scents you have in Sinoceratops zone which is Local Area 1 any time of day. It would be ideal to find a Local Area 1 that has a lot of gas stations since it is a Nest spawn for Sino.

Take advantage of the enhanced spawn rate before it disappears.

Spawn Mechanics Article on Metahub - Where to find certain dinosaurs?

Da Sino is on da wae back to L1, bruddah

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Thank you, I will capture da queen

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going to L1 and encountering a bunch of Einiosaurus in L2

It’s da fake queen bruddahs! Spit on it!

spitting intensifies

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intense clicking noises

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Where is “area 1” exactly; is it labelled on the map? Every thread I’ve found seems to name the areas (1-4) but none so far have mentioned what or more importantly where these “areas” are. Thanks.

L1 is where you find lots of Glypo spawns. There’s no specific indication. Just find Glypo.

It is where you can find Sino.