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Where's Dsungaripterus?

I drove over 70 miles today and found NONE! That’s ridiculous to have a hybrid pursuit and yet make it so uncommon like that. For the same Rare tier, Quetzal bird was found quite frequently (I thank you Ludia). The week with Quetzals was the most fun catching dinos I’ve had in a long time. I was equally excited for today, only to find nothing. Way to kill the fun and excitement. Hoping this changes during the week. I dont think they should be everywhere, but they should pop up from time to time


I spent a few hours scouting for them too and nothing. Froze my backside for nothing.


It is right up there with Bigfoot riding a Unicorn that farts rainbows. It is a thought but no chance of seeing it


Miragaia pursuit went off without a hitch and they mess up on the tournament exclusive that everyone wants? Story of Ludia.

edit: I stand corrected. It seems that there is a holiday today.

Doesnt it usually change over on Wednesday?

In another thread some people said they found some, so I’m not sure what’s going on anymore.

Agreed with it all. I saw 20 Tupundactylus. 0 Of what was actually advertised

No dsunga at all! It would be nice if those who actually caught it post some evidence here to prove that it indeed exists !

@Ned can you confirm if the switch for dsunga has been turned on?

As advertised, supposed to start yesterday.

I put in some miles yesterday and did not see one. Dawn, daytime and dusk: none.

i think ludia wants us pursuit the rare only during a 2 day weekend…

I played while on a train and so I moved for miles but I didn’t see a single one!

They pushed the button today. Just spotted 2 dsung’s

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Just spotted one also.

Did i hear someone say… Dsungaripterus.?. seems o.k. where i live, i gathered enough dna from it while it was out and about to take it up almost 4 levels ( btw this picture is an old one but its proof they are around you just have to be LUCKY ENOUGH to actually find one in your area of which there were 15 of the beggars during the time period they were available … lol :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

They are spawning in the wild right now, but that picture doesn’t prove anything. That’s a picture from when they were a weekly event dino, not hybrid pursuit.

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Hey Legomin1314, our team confirms that it is spawning now. However, we’ll take a closer look at what might have happened yesterday. Thank you, everyone, for letting us know!

Can we get an extra day? Pretty please.


Or just tweak the spawn rate up a bit to make up for 24 hours missed time?


Real question is: how is this not an automated process by now?


That was my initial thoughts exactly. Unless they have to physically open the cage doors to let the birds loose there is no valid reason they couldn’t be populated in the game regardless of a holiday.